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Manufactured Home

HUD Manufactured Home  Foundation Certifications

Order A Manufactured Home Certificate.

Anytime a lender is doing a federally-backed loan on an existing manufacture home which is located on its own site (not a rented parcel), then the lender must have an engineer certify the foundation system as being HUD compliant. With FHA loans, the additions must also be certified (not the addition itself but that the addition doesn’t adversely affect the home’s structural integrity.) Many lenders are requiring these certifications for conventional loans as well.


Foundation Inspection Certification when there’s evidence of moisture or mold in the basement or the crawl space, as this can be evidence that the foundation is not properly sealed, or there are cracks that were otherwise unable to be detected by a quick inspection of the basement or crawl space. Remember that an appraiser will not do a full home inspection. This means that a full in-depth inspection of the basement or crawl space may not be done by the appraiser. This Foundation Inspection Certification will be necessary to ultimately clear the Appraisal Report for the lender so that the appraiser is satisfied that the home is on a solid foundation without any indication of failure and/or need repair.


WTB is now offering HUD Manufacture Home Certifications. The Foundation Inspection Certification will ultimately clear up any concern from a home inspection or an appraiser, and will also clear the required condition by the lender for manufactured homes, if it is required in that specific county. The Foundation Inspection Certification will need to also have the certified and licensed engineer’s signature and a seal required by the state. 

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