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Appliance Safety

If you’re like most Americans, this year you’ve been spending a lot more time at home than ever before. Something that a lot of people have been giving thought to is the important topic of appliance safety. What are some things to look out for to keep you and your family safe?

First, you might consider the way electricity gets to your appliances. Many older homes have only two-pronged power outlets. Three-hole, grounded outlets are much safer. Extension cords should only be used when necessary, and they should never be placed under rugs. Also, animals like mice or other rodents love to chew on electrical wires. A damaged wire can be a serious fire hazard.

Also, you could think about how your family uses the appliances. Especially in your kitchen and bathroom, it’s important to always keep yourself and the appliances away from any water. If possible, use outlets with GFCIs in these rooms.

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