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The Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist

Growing up, almost all of us have heard the infamous wise words of never judging books by their covers. Luckily, they also apply when buying a home.

Regardless of how aesthetic and beguiling any house may look from the outside, it can still house plenty of issues you’re bound to find in the future. That’s one reason ALWAYS to get the residential property inspected by professional home inspectors to ensure you’re not paying more than what you’re getting.

When choosing the right home inspector in Montana, you must see if they evaluate the house from floor to ceiling – and everything in between. This means observing if the inspector follows the complete home inspection checklist.

Below, we list all the elements of an in-depth home inspection in Missoula, MT, and Hamilton, MT.

Roof And Attic

It’s no breaking news that roofing and attics are significantly related to the HVAC’s effectiveness. Ideally, home inspections in Montana must check for the following factors:

  • Decays, rust, sagging

  • Clean gutters

  • Damaged or missing shingles

  • Clean vents

  • Workability of chimneys and possibility of blisters/cracks in flat surfaces


This covers the flooring, paint, indoor windows, doors, and, most importantly: HVAC systems.

  • Airflow, cleanliness of filters, and signs of combustion gas odors

  • Unevenness in floors and ceilings

  • Panel, paint, or trimming damages

  • If the doors and windows shut and open properly

  • Whether all switchboards operate or not

Bathrooms And Kitchen

Apart from checking the kitchen layout and the number of attached and common bathrooms, you need to evaluate these elements as well:

  • Signs of leaks and stains in or near the shower, bathtub, and sink

  • Toilet, Sink drainage, and disposal condition

  • Functioning fixtures

  • Workability of exhaust fans and dishwashers

  • Cabinet door and drawer conditions

Electrical And Plumbing

Wirings and drainage systems are crucial home inspection checklist must-haves. While Montana’s dry climate doesn’t encourage mold, constant pipe leaks can still increase the chances of its infestation. And honestly, no one wants the hassle of contacting electricians to fix the faulty wiring. Here are a few things to check and recheck beforehand:

  • Adequacy of water flow and hot water supply around the property

  • How secure is the overall wiring?

  • The functionality of the service panel

  • Damage to the visible pipes and whether the drains slope toward the septic system

  • Absence of aluminum cables for branch circuits


The exterior isn’t everything, but it still matters A LOT. So, every comprehensive home inspection must cover the exteriors, including the grounds, structure, foundation, doors, windows, driveways, and grading.

  • Cracks or chipping paint

  • Condition of wood frames and glass windows

  • Visible cracks indicating structural issues

  • Possible water damage or rotten material of the doors and garage doors

  • Quality and maintenance of the vegetation surrounding the house

  • If the walkways, patios, and driveway slopes are away from the house

  • Presence of leaks from leach fields or septic tanks

Schedule Detailed Home Inspection in Missoula, MT, Today!

Are you planning to buy a house in Montana, specifically Missoula, MT, and Hamilton, MT? Don’t forget to schedule a comprehensive home inspection right away. And if you want the best inspectors following an extensive home inspection checklist, WTB Home Inspector LLC. is one click away. Click on our website for the latest updates or talk to our representatives to solve your queries.

We look forward to serving you! 

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