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The Potential Impact of a Small Thing

The washer and dryer in your home are probably not something you think about with any great regularity. However, the fact is that they can have a huge impact on your home. Take, for example, the humble exhaust vent attached to your dryer.

When you dry a typical full load of clothes, this exhaust vent expels around a gallon of water in steam form. If the end of the vent is indoors instead of outdoors, that water is likely sticking around inside your home, causing untold damage behind the scenes.

Another example of how the exhaust vent on your dryer may have a big impact on you is the angle or angles at which the vent duct is positioned. Since steamed air and lint from clothes are shooting through that duct, it should be as straight as possible. Sharp turns and corners can cause a buildup of dryer lint, which is a very serious fire hazard.

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