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You Can Sell a House During a Pandemic!

Throughout the United States, it’s become clear that this is not the same world that we were living in just a few months ago. With all of the seeming instability these days, is this really a good time to be selling a home? Well, maybe it’s not the perfect time, but believe it or not, many people have been having success in the real estate market! Here are a few reasons why that’s been the case:

  1. Due to the pandemic, realtors everywhere have been working hard to adopt relatively “new” technologies in the real estate sector. Things like virtual tours and electronic document signatures were much rarer just a few months ago, and now these are often preferred by potential home buyers.

  2. Federal mortgage rates have been exceptionally low recently. For this reason, buyers are looking to take advantage of the opportunity, and demand has stayed relatively consistent.

  3. Businesses and services related to real estate are often among the first to be allowed to re-open as pandemic restrictions are lifted, since the sale of one home often prompts a number of related services.

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