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FHA-Approved 203K Consultant

The Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program (203(k) Program) is a renovation program for both homebuyers and homeowners. The program allows borrowers to purchase a property and finance its rehabilitation in the same mortgage or refinance and repair their current home. The 203(k) Program is also an excellent option for homeowners who wish to remodel rather than move or make energy-saving improvements.

The Consultant plays a guiding role throughout the rehabilitation process, acting as the liaison between the homeowner, contractor(s), and lender. The Consultant inspects the property and prepares a feasibility study, architectural exhibits, work write-ups, cost estimates, draw request inspections, and change orders; and ensures that all work is performed in compliance with FHA requirements. Any Consultant who performs work on a 203(k) project must be listed on the FHA-approved 203(k) Consultant Roster.

Are you securing a 203k Loan? Get in touch, and let’s discuss your project!

HUD 203K timeline
HUD 203K timeline
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