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Do Your Research!

Before taking on any home improvement project, it’s important to ask yourself some questions. Is it better for me to tackle this myself, or should I hire a professional? Am I going to be OK with the expected level of results from this project? What can I afford?

While general questions like these are important, it’s good to do some research on the individual home improvement project itself as well. For instance, let’s consider the basic task of interior painting, which can be relatively low risk, and even amateurs can produce good results with a little research. Like what? Well, which is better for you, latex-based paint, or oil-based paint? Which brand of paint is best for your budget, but will also last a long time, be easy to apply, and is easy to clean? What type of dropcloths, painter’s tape, brushes, and rollers will you use? This is a fairly simple project, but it’s good to do your research before getting started.

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