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Easier Ways of Dealing With Leaves

As the temperatures cool down, the air gets a little crisper, and the bright green leaves turn to brilliant hues of orange, red, and yellow. We’re all familiar with how this works, and for many, autumn is the best season of all. However, as those leaves turn colors and die, they make their inevitable descent toward your lawn, almost eager to choke out the valuable sunlight and airflow that your grass is accustomed to. For many, this is the worst time of the year, since it typically means many hours spent outside with a rake in hand.

However, in our modern age, there are plenty of alternatives to raking leaves besides paying someone else to do it. For example, you might try adding a bagging attachment to your lawnmower. Essentially, this turns your mower into a giant vacuum cleaner, clearing the leaves with ease. Or, you could try using a blower, or a mulching lawnmower. Long story short, there are plenty of options available to help ease the chore of raking leaves!

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