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PPE For Household Tasks

When you hear the words Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE), what comes to your mind? Some people think about face masks and other disease-preventing gear worn by those on the front lines of medical professions, while others think about a group of burly construction workers in their steel-toed boots, hard hats, and high visibility clothing. Those are understandable mental images, but it might be a good idea to think about PPE for use in everyday projects around the house, as well.

For instance, when you’re mowing the lawn, have you ever had a hard time hearing afterward? Maybe some earplugs would have been a good idea. Or, maybe you’ve done some painting around the house, and a fleck of it splashed back into your eye? Some safety glasses could’ve been helpful there. And of course, who hasn’t cut themselves doing some kind of basic task? They have work gloves for that!

Whatever the task you’re about to do, think about the hazards, and consider using PPE to prevent injury.

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