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Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Home Inspection

Once you enter into a contract with a seller, there’s not much you can change except begin to pay a series of checks for the property and other services you have received, such as your realtor’s fees.


You may think that a home inspection is unnecessary if you’ve already visited the property and liked it but paying up to 500 USD is a good investment for hiring an expert to give you insight into your new home’s potential problems.


Let’s explore why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection.


You Might Not Be Aware of Any Serious Defects in Your Home

A home inspector has a detailed job that involves a deep inspection of the interior and exterior of a property, giving insight on matters like the plumbing, electrical components, structural integrity, and many more aspects of your home that could pose problems in the long run.


If you hire a professional to carry out a home inspection, you may discover something new that might be a deal breaker, allowing you to back out of your contract and seek a better deal elsewhere.


There Could Be Safety Issues in Your Home

You might not have the trained eye to narrow down any major problems within your home, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


For example, a house may have signs of radon, carbon monoxide, and mold, which can be easily picked up by a competent home inspector, allowing you to prioritize your family’s safety when moving into a new home.


When looking to sign a contract with a seller, you should make sure that it lets you back out of the deal if something hazardous is potentially discovered, so you know you’re not being deceived.


It Can Help You Negotiate a Better Deal

Upon discovering any minor or major defects within your new home, you can hold your seller accountable since they may have known about the issues and chosen not to reveal them.


You can expect there to be minor problems in the property, which are certainly normal and should be expected, but if anything major sticks out, which could pose a safety hazard for you and your family, you can ask your seller to make the necessary repairs before selling the property or negotiate the price down, so it’s more affordable.


You may want to speak to your realtor about this since he can provide you with the necessary details and strategies since home inspections have certainly led to negotiations with sellers.


You Will Get an Idea of The Long-Term Costs

Oftentimes, there are many problems in a new home, such as plumbing, heating, cooling, and others, which can cost a lot of money in the long run.


Sellers may opt for cheap repairs, so everything seems to be working at the time of the sale, but home inspections will reveal just how long these ‘repairs’ will last and how much you will have to pay in the long run to fix these issues.


Faulty wiring is not cheap to fix, and plumbing issues can be severe and require replacing many pipes from the bathroom to the basement, incurring heavy expenditure in the future.


Your home inspector will give you an estimation of how long certain pieces of equipment will last, such as boilers and other critical home structures, allowing you to know the long-term costs of buying a new home.


Final Verdict

Skipping a home inspection is not ideal because it has many consequences that can cost you in the long run and may even pose safety issues for you and your family, which is why you must hire a competent home inspector to carry out a detailed home inspection.


Home inspections also help you negotiate a better deal with the seller, which is a benefit that many people do not consider when trying to save 300-500 USD by skipping the inspection.


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